Q: Why aren’t there any names on the site?

A: In the nature of ghostwriting, we are writing for passion, not publicity. If a client wishes to publicly acknowledge the writer, they have the option of doing so without letting everyone know they’ve hired a ghostwriter. Putting the name in acknowledgments or as an editor is a commonplace practice that protects both the writer and the client. Discretion is our top priority and this policy reflects that.

Q: I need my work to pass copyscape.

A: We guarantee your work will pass copyscape because all work submitted from our agency is 100% original. Quotes and excerpts are of course the exception.

Q: Do you help with screenplays or movies?

A: Short Answer: Maybe! Long Answer: It depends on the genre of the script. Generally speaking we can help with outline the plot and the characters, but as far as the actual formatting, that’s not our strength.

Q: I have ideas in my head but I’m not good at organizing them, how do I get them to you.

A:  You’re hiring us to write or outline your thoughts for you. We don’t expect your notes to be perfect. With that being said, bullet points or some other standard organizing format (roman numerals) works well for us. You’re also welcome to add an outline to your package.

Q: I have the perfect idea and can write but don’t know how to organize things. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! In addition to our ghostwriting services, we offer character and plot outlines for your novels and/or articles. Just contact us for more information or see our outline samples.

Q: How much are your fees?

A: While we base our fees on each project we do have a standard way of calculating fees. We charge a flat rate based on the number of pages written. This makes us unique because the majority of writers charge per word. While that is an equally effective method, we would like to think that we’ve found the ideal compromise between both the writer and the client.

Q: What exactly is a ghostwriter?

A: We are professional writers who are paid to bring your story to life. Whether that’s in the form of a character outline, a novel or a news article, we are the answer to your writing woes. Ghostwriters are great resources for people who have wonderful ideas but don’t know how to execute them. Ghostwriting is also an option for those who are excellent writers but need a bit of help and organization. If your business or in the informative sector, hiring a ghostwriter is a sure way to get your message across clearly and effectively.

Q: Is there a difference between a writer & author?

A: The writer is the person doing the actual writing of the story/article. The author is who’s name is published on the body of work (aka the client)

Q: I just love the work you did and I don’t mind people knowing I hired a ghostwriter. Can I give you a “shout out?”

A: We certainly welcome any acknowledgment but it’s not required. Please contact us if you wish to mention a specific writer.

Q: I’m really impressed with the level of detail you provided. Do you also offer other services?

A: We also provide developmental editing services for manuscripts. In the future, we will also provide query submission letters, graphic designs, comic book illustrations and web design.

Q: What if I want to remain anonymous?

A: Never a problem. That’s what we do best. We are more than willing to sign a NDA agreement. We will also sign over copyright agreements to you.

Q: I want to hire you but I want to make sure my work and ideas are protected?

A: We never have a problem signing a NDA, copyright agreement or other documentation. We are simply the writers not the authors.

Q: I’m interested in being a writer! How do I sign up?

A: You can submit a query below.


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